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Author: Inga Balciuniene

About Inga & the Studio
Inga Balciuniene, CYT

First certified to teach yoga through “Lithe and Easy Yoga” in 2009, Inga currently holds multiple certifications, including “Heart of Yoga” certificate from “Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram” Institute in Chennai, India. In her personal practice and teachings, Inga follows Sri T. Krishanamacharya’s tradition and teaching  authentic yoga style . In her yoga classes besides asanas Inga teaches proper breathing technique, deep relaxation, meditation and chanting. She offers adult (beginners, mixed level, or advanced), senior and  kid’s yoga classes. She also offers Healing Yoga sessions (yoga therapy), Workshops, Teacher Training and Mentorship.

Inga has studied under some of the most well known instructors in the yoga industry: Virginia Williamson, Roy Eugene Davis, Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi. She studied  at internationally reputed yoga Institutes: “Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram  and  “Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (SKY Yoga)”  in Chennai, India. Inga is inspired by various Yoga masters, especially: Ray Long, John Scott, TKV Desikachar.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInga is  continuing her studies of  yoga and  Yoga Therapy at  “Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (SKY Yoga)”  in Chennai, India.




A Personal Note From Inga

Yoga is my life, my passion, my happiness

10 years ago I was a gym client, working out with the fitness machines and bored while doing so. You know how it is: you start with enthusiasm, after a month you go because you are paying the monthly fee, later on you go to the gym less and less. You make hundreds of excuses not to go to the gym, because it is boring, you don’t see changes in your body and you are not losing weight. Sometimes you feel jealous of perfectly shaped men and women hanging around you. The gym works for some people, but not for everyone. Then I started trying all different type of classes: body sculpture (I didn’t like lifting weights), cycling (my knees were hurting), pilates were too hard for me and finally I found a yoga class. My eyes opened wide, the class was gentle, easy and flowing. I didn’t notice how one hour went by and was gone. After class I felt like after a vacation: happy, relaxed and energized. After the first yoga class I understood, that yoga could be my passion.

Step by step practicing yoga changed my life. I got more flexible, and I feel like I became ten years younger, never did I feel so good. My immune system got better, my metabolism got faster (I checked that with the metabolism machine), I become aware of my body and changed my diet. I lost weight! Now I’m in control of my life. Everything changed in my life: instead of going shopping a few times a week I was reading more, meditating, and just being outside at the parks and beaches. I’m not stressed anymore. I started saving money too! I didn’t plan all thoughts and changes just happened. I feel happy ever day of my life.

My friends noticed the difference, and they said: “Inga if we have problems you always say just to do yoga” I believe it is true, because after gentle stretching, breathing, meditating- everyone feels better. But how can yoga help with your financial problems, or relationship problems? Easy when you are relaxed, feel good and are comfortable in your body you start looking at your problems from a different side and all of sudden they just don’t look that big and finding a solution is much easier then before.

Yoga is an all life study. I find myself learning every day, by observing my students and helping them understand their bodies. Everybody can practice yoga! There is not age, body type or flexibility limits. You have to adjust poses (Asana) to fit your body, and then just breathe, relax, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Now I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I got certified to teach yoga, and opened my own yoga studio! My first place was tiny; I could only fit four people in there. I was surprised that people liked my classes; soon they were coming back with their friends and family. Then I realized that the space was too small and rented a bigger place . Now I have my dream yoga studio with candles on the wall, a massage room and beautiful people who work with me.

Yoga is not an exercise – it is a life style!


Roshan-belly dancing instructor

At 66, belly dance instructor, Roshan, is an inspiring example that results from living life with  passion, especially for the Oriental Dance! Giving even more energy than it burns, the dance is low impact, sculpting core muscles while challenging the brain to create new neuro-transmitters at any age!

Roshan fell in love with the veils of Salome (Rita Haworth) when 7 yrs old and still driving a tractor in Indiana. She never forgot that mystery and magic that led her to 6 years on tour dancing and teaching in Europe and the Middle East.
Some of her adventures include performances at the international film festivals in Egypt with a 24 piece orchestra and crowds of 5-7 thousand cheering Egyptians! No wedding in the Middle East is complete without a belly dancer,  and the royal family of Kuwait was no exception when demanding for Roshan when their son got married!
Roshan  is convinced this dance has increased her ability to channel energies of meditation in movement to quiet the mind and still the inner voice to hear joy more clearly!
Virginia Ruth Williamson, CYT
Ginny is the co-director of the Florida Yoga Academy, training teachers and offering workshops at the Yoga & Massage Studio.
She is a Kriya Yogi, in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, initiated by Roy Eugene Davis.
Ginny has been practicing Yoga for 24 years; teaching in Southwest Florida for 15 years…
“I got my first glimpse of real Yoga from 83 year old Miss Frieda in Port Charlotte, Florida in 1995.
In January 1998, I asked her permission to teach and luckily, it was granted.
My first formal training and certification was with the inspirational Shivan Sarna, in Sarasota, Florida in September, 1998.
After much more training, I currently hold multiple certifications, including ‘Teaching Yoga to People with Cancer’ from the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, Spanda Yoga by Jaime Stover Schmitt and Yoga for Golfers by Katherine Roberts.
My specialties include Vinyasa Krama (the sensible, progressive sequencing of postures linked by the breath), Yoga Philosophy, Gentle Yoga, Deep Healing Relaxation, Guided Breathwork and Meditation, Yoga for Recovery, and Yoga Therapy.
I extensively study and practice Yoga and it’s sister science, Ayurveda.
It is my fervent endeavor to practice and teach in accordance with the traditions of Kriya Yoga and the Yoga of Sri T. Krishnamacharya.
My studies are continued at home and under the guidance of various Yoga masters whenever possible. I am especially inspired by Roy Eugene Davis, Erich Schiffmann, TKV Desikachar, David Williams, Tim Miller, Vasant Lad and David Frawley.
Many others with whom I have studied have been influential as well.”
Ginny has been a pioneer in bringing high-quality Yoga instruction to Southwest Florida.
Teaching in the area since 1998, she opened Charlotte County’s first Yoga studio in 2004.
She has been consistently committed to delivering authentic teachings to both students and instructors of Yoga by offering group asana classes, meditation classes, study sessions, teacher training, professional development, supervision, apprenticeship and mentorship.
She currently teaches privately for individuals, families, corporations and luxury motorcoach and beach resorts in Charlotte and Lee counties.
Learn more about Ginny by visiting her website:

                    Priscilla      Priscilla, a senior in her 60s, began Yoga with Inga in March of 2013 because she felt she was losing balance and flexibility.  Within a month, Priscilla learned that she loved Yoga so much she purchased a 6 month 48 class package.  Within six months, she decided to take Yoga Teacher Training with Inga.  Priscilla cannot bend into a pretzel but she doesn’t fall off ladders any longer.  Priscilla strongly believes that Yoga is a fountain of youth and encourages all age levels to practice yoga for health and stress reduction benefits.



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