Belly Dance

Mondays  & Wednesdays  5:45-6:45 p.m



Why Arabian Fantasy Dance?  Ask Roshan!
No wonder Americans call Oriental Dance the Belly Dance!
Learn the dance that makes you look and feel sexy!
Call your inner goddess out to play. Today is a new day!
Dance from the heart chakra: balance & raise vibrational levels.
Play while you whittle your waist! Tone and strengthen muscles!
Forget sweat; a goddess ”glows”! Find strength in your femininity!
Thighs, upper arm jiggle, abdominal core strength: no problem!
Stretch, don’t strain. Lose weight and find your curves!
Laugh a lot while you develop a dancer’s coordination.
Engage the senses with veils, costumes, and music!
Playful spirits/serious fun in a beautiful studio setting!
Roshan  is waiting for you!


 I call it Arabian Fantasy Dance, rather than Oriental Dance, because I teach, and enjoy performing, with veils, zils (finger cymbals) and floor dancing! The classic Egyptian style that l love, studied, and performed internationally, just barely includes those skills and talents. The term “Belly Dance” was coined at the Chicago World’s Fair by Americans watching Little Egypt who was quite an accomplished dancer. So, we women in the U.S., have taken this dance and made it our own!!  For fun, fitness, flair, flirtations, and fantasy!    Don’t let concerns about 2 left feet, shyness, or  being self – conscious about body issues stop you from being intrigued!  Life is now!   Let yourself come play and become more of who you are and who you want to be!!!!   I really look forward to seeing you!